How to run in sandbox windows 10

How to run in sandbox windows 10

How to run in sandbox windows 10

Step 1 : you must turn on sandbox. You go Start => write “Appwiz.cpl”

Step 2 : you go Programs and Features => Turn Windows features on or off

Step 3:  you go to Windows Sandbox. To turn on the Sandbox feature, click Windows Sandbox then click the OK button. Restart your computer when asked to complete.

Step 4: you launch Windows Sandbox by entering the Windows SandBox into the search area of Start or the Taskbar and then pressing Enter.

Step 5: Sandbox will be launched soon after. You can use this virtual machine as usual. Sharing data between a virtual machine and a real machine is also very simple, just drag and drop. You can also use the Edge browser in SandBox to download the program for the virtual machine and install the test on it.

Step 6: After using the virtual machine, you close the Sandbox. Note closing Sandbox will delete the program and all data you have just used from the Sandbox. Any program or file you downloaded during the session will be permanently deleted.


So if you need to use a long software on a virtual machine, minimize the Windows SandBox window and use it later.

The only downside of Windows SandBox on Windows 10 is that the data will be deleted after you turn it off. Unlike 3rd party software, however, this feature will ensure safety for you and other users if you want to test, check for dangerous software before deciding to install on your computer.

Minimum system requirements to run Windows Sandbox

  • Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise build 18305 or higher
  • # 64 bit architecture
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • At least 1 GB of free disk space
  • At least 2 CPU cores
  • BIOS activates virtualization.

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How to run in sandbox windows 10
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